Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to provide Delicious, Ethical, and Affordable Coffee.

We know it is difficult to find great-tasting coffee at affordable prices. With other brands costing more than $20 for every bag, not including shipping; we want to offer specialty coffee at prices that won't put your wallet six feet under.


All of the coffee we roast is Grade 1 Specialty Coffee. We select specially-processed green coffee beans that allow for a low acidity level that creates a silky smooth flavor in the final roast.


We only source certified fair trade coffee for roasting. Our Christian values dictate us to only purchase coffee that fairly compensates the farmers who are dedicated to growing great coffee.


We want our coffee to be not only to be ethically sourced and taste great, but to also stay at an affordable rate. Being a small, family-owned business, we keep our overhead as low as possible and strive to offer our customers reasonable prices for the best tasting coffee.